November 1

November 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Tropical storm Nilam’s gift, few thin clouds dangling in the otherwise blue sky on a post monsoon period; the visual for me from the front yard. Thanks to the state government view to hold the anniversary of the state’s birth as a home-stay day for the employees working in various types and kinds of buildings and banners.
Kerala and Karnataka, two states of taste different, language different, culture different, attitude different, almost anything any matter, they have views that stand poles apart. Belief of being Indian and common DNA pattern might be some of the very few reasons which hold us in a bunch under tri-color bumper flag with proud Ashok Chakra sealed, so are the cases for remaining 26+ states of this banana republic. Added to that, our leaders’ reference to us as mango people, makes us united for some great cause.
What might have made the nation’s in-law for the particular phrase reference?
“A super silent PM (may be a action-believer), mysterious party family rule (Nehru family with Gandhi name), a president who was (is) an active politician not very long ago, parliamentary-legislative “cults” of protracted religious-cast-creed-religious head count, handful corrupt ministers at the wink of greedy bills and mills riches, a land of (for) IPLs, filmfares.”
If not this, which could be a banana republic; if not us, who could be better mango people!
Stomach-full politics for a Thursday morning!
November 1, on-day for the state where I reside, off-day for the state where I work; itself explains the difference!

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