Plight of Gadkari!

November 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

He is a professional leader, of a national party at national level.
He is a class party worker and law abiding citizen, ready to climb on any tree or jump before any train to mark the purity of this professionalism and innocence! If his driver, cook, gardener, etc are directors of or owns some few companies, industries, is it his problem? After all, he is Nithin Gadkari!
Nation paused when our famous bite-and-run activist turned politician Kejriwalji made that revelation! Mused by the quip and silliness of announcements, BJP leaders laughed at and stood well behind their party leader Gadkariji, saluted his service, sang an anthem of his tales!
Media took the gush of Kejriwalji’s words. Gush turned to breeze. Breeze tuned to wind. And as I write, wind turned to storm! Bigger and mightier than deadly Sandy! The difference here, the eye and victim will be only our innocent Mr. G!
Ramjathmalaniji wrote a letter bearing opinion from Yashwantji, Jaswantji, Shattruji to Lalji; that, the continuation of current party leadership, under such situation is a disaster! Thanks to Julian Assange, the era is of leaks and mega leaks is the fashion, the letter leaked to media in big way!
Weeks back nation saw a confident smiling face asserting his words and deeds, now, the same face bit pale running door to door to ensure a safe pass!
Swamy Vivekananda might or might not have got same IQ as that of a smuggler; but at least never underestimate IQ of mango people! Remember, this is a republic still, though banana kind!

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