A New Year Not To Celebrate

December 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Better not to give a flashy-dancing welcome to this new year. Given the current world scenarios, celebration is the last choice.
If it is Fiscal Cliff that worry US, in India it is season of corruption and rapes and public out cry towards the indifference of government and notoriously silent PM, for China it is steaming out growth and challenging Inflation, Street fights and euro struggle throughout Europe, For Arabs – after effects of common men’s disappointments with their dictator lord’s decades long ineffectiveness.
Spiral of economic tragedy, jobless youths, angry mobs on street – became common themes of the world as 2012 reaches its climax.
You can find national curiosity and apprehension towards well being of monkeys and elephants in Amazon forests, but not a single thought for suffering humane across the globe.
World leaders started their project to erase poverty from the map with Africa as a starting point during 1990s, but ended up having the same severe plight in immediate neighborhood of wealthy europe by 21 st century beginning!
From where to draw some happiness and hope for the coming new year?
From that moving Delhi bus where a girl got brutally gang raped for an hour, under the nose of high security expected streets of Indian capital!
From the tears of that helpless jobless greek mom unable to feed her three little children, when corporate world is building and rebuilding multi-trillion turn over business models!
From the inhumane treatment of africans by their landlords and mine-heads or starving to die kids! Africans, the owners of such a vast wealth, not even deserved for one time meal a day, who is eating their prosperity?
From the weeping mothers of Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, US – all victims of different derivatives of terror; who created and what still aides these terror outfits! Humane lives are that cheap to be put for some misunderstood or manipulated ideologies or business interests?
From the ill-mind of teen unleashing war against innocent kids inside some elementary school building; thanks to non-existence of any meaningful gun control law, any maniac can access any super weapon and kill all of us at anytime, expect at least some emotional lines from President.
From the highly irregular world of super hyper riches and rock bottom poor, the widening gap between haves and have nots! Skewed capitalistic interests, their math took us to this verge, we shall remain still fool?
From the natural calamity victims’ agony across globe!
Well, we could rejoice for the reason the world became much more uncertain, and, now those black swans which were used to be so rare are plenty now.
World became flat, globalization lead the flag and now it is the worst part of capitalization we are chewing.
Plenty of scandals blossomed in India, and hopes are high, that, trend will follow, as our PM believes, as it seems, that, MONEY GROW IN TREES. The very thought makes sense for him not to stop his colleagues from looting the public money, dumping money in swiss accounts; instead increase the pool of incoming wealth by reducing or canceling subsidies for the required commodities even to the most needed and underprivileged, raising fuel prices thus increasing prices of food, transport to the common man! Public saw fasting Annas, revealing Kejriwals, preaching Baba Ramdevs. Than some sensational events, whether the acts will carry any meaningful fruits; only time will say!
Not on the skies polluted by high carbon emission, not on the land corrupted by money-making activities, not in the water contaminated by industrial dumping, tell me someone, where you see hope for a future year, a ray of light to the new year, then I may dance to the beaming crackers to the skies, and to the hip-hop lines of music floor; till then I remain highly pessimistic not for the God’s blessings, but because of our own bad-deeds!

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