A Library

October 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Ours is a village of not so many knowledge seekers, nor of knowledge sharers. Still we appreciate those with the traits mentioned.
Excuse for not having a “full-time” library/reading room could be attributed to the mentioned traits however.
When I write “full-time” library/reading room, that should give a fair clue on the existence of some set-up of part-time mode.
Yes it did.
A reading room cum library in broad day light, then, as sun left the the skies, the furnitured room turned to a poultry cubicle. And, the risk of having this two in one “set-up” was, the people related to the respective field had to do certain “adjustments” with the shift flip.
It was on good understanding between the promoters of reading culture and chicken-dieters.
Between knowledge and business!
Days passed. Months passed. Years passed.
As owner looked to the bill, it was poultry that made the earning; newspapers and magazines that occupied the quite shelf of library/reading room, added to the expenses.
Math was straight and simple. Encourage the earning, discourage the expenses. Like that, village lost its sole library/reading which it got after decades of struggle and sacrifice. I still see the anger of this lost battle in so many comrades (of all colors – red, green and blue).
It was past.
Now, we have a “full-time” library/reading room. Two senior person of the community felt the need, and worked hard to establish the dream. As with any revolutionary deed, this too faced with too many storms, thunders, lightnings, cross-flows. Sheer determination lead them to group like minded villagers. They spoke on a dark sky night under a LED bulb with leased mikes and furniture. All felt good. Some even saw a bright future for the village after the library/reading room opening.
Enthusiasm died in days. Happiness died in weeks. In months associated members started feeling the pain. Even, one of the most “elevated” person of the library-initiative openly agreed his “change-of-mind”, and requested the founders (remember, the two seniors!) to relieve him from the role.
Weekend money-collection visits to ear-marked houses, weekly letter dispatch to related ministry and panchayath president; made the remaining library/reading room enthusiasts busy throughout.
We have a facebook group, a facebook page, a twitter account, a blogger page for our Library; but not enough financial aid.
When we stressed on the need for the aid, Panchayath President felt the need as a luxury.
Poultry haunts the reading room/library again!
Villagers have to think further, act accordingly!


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