About Writing Again…

December 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

It was about boredom, solitude, loneliness; that writing became an escapade. And, posting each of them on any blog-space was an act of passion and courage.
Moreover, it was to my peek enjoyment to capture characters from my life around, and caricature them wild. I enjoyed it, characters never!
Now that I filled my life with worries and challenges-crisis; monotony affects me little, and hence the by-product of it, that is writing, evaporated from schedules.
A world of WhatsApp and Instagram! How changed place this world became since. Real world usage itself sounds so virtual, that; virtual world became a new real world. Girl next door became stranger to a stranger of a remote island.
And, they say, Facebook is outdated.
Age of a new smart technology already dawned; a new smart outsmarting an old smart.
And, I am here to re-bridge my old lust of writing! Insane you say!
Never mistake this passion for a new-year resolution, and never-never for sake of blogging!


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