To The Unnamed Girl!

December 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

It was an evening,
Evening to remember,
Smiling and giggling,
Language of love,
It was an evening,
Evening to remember..

Love is blind,
As it was, it will be always,
No time could alarm,
For they knew nothing,
Than greatness of love,
For, love is blind..

Wicked were those eyes,
Eyes that fell on their ways,
For they thought a world,
A world of love,
How wickedness can see the beauty,
The beauty of love,
And, greatness of love, as;
Wicked were those eyes,
They saw no love..

Love is so innocent,
And, wicked were those eyes,
The youth were in love,
But, the wicked were those eyes,
Torn off the love,
Love was so pure,
But, hatred so strong,
For the lady, it was her life,
Life of the love, but the evil was of hatred,
Wicked were eyes,
Eyes of the evil..

Now a life extinguished,
A life of love,
From where the wind blew?
The wind of wicked,
Nobody knows, but the truth of a loss,
A loss for love or loss of love,
Search for an answer, search for the loss,
Or for you my dear,
We are helpless, blame shall be on us,
For not being able-
Or protect you from the wicked,
Now, that a life extinguished,
A life of love..

It was an evening,
Evening to remember!

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